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Journey Home Young Adult is designed as a 6-12 month step down transition program. The home-like setting offers therapeutic support and the opportunity for greater freedoms, responsibilities, and practice as an independent young adult. At Journey Home Young Adult clients can further education and gain independent living skills. Based on structure, support and mentoring, teens emerge from Journey Home Young Adult emotionally and intellectually equipped to successfully launch into a fulfilling life.

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We help teens ages 18-23 who need ongoing support after completing a prior, more intensive treatment program. Our clients are developing independence while making the transition into healthy young adulthood.

A typical client in the Journey Home Young Adult program is a child who has made significant strides in areas of emotional development, self-motivation, self-confidence and a sense of emotional maturity. They have specific goals they are committed to in the areas of academics, vocational and career choices. Our clients are focusing on emotional, physical and relational health.

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Personal Responsibility

We help teens build a sense of responsibility for themselves and their relationships with others. While clients are attending Journey Home Young Adult, they learn about self care, time management, budgeting and other skills that help them build personal responsibility.

College Integration

Our clients will have the opportunity to attend classes at one of our local colleges. Furthering their education will help them with their future career goals.

Healthy Relationships

At Journey Home Young Adult, we put an emphasis on building healthy relationships with others. Clients are encouraged to go out into the community and form relationships and friendships. We support clients as they foster new relationships by coaching and mentoring them throughout their time with us.

Life Skills

We teach life skills that are necessary to be independent and successful. For example, we teach financial literacy, meal planning, and employment skills.

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