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Our program specializes in serving females and assigned female at birth ages 18-23 with emotional, behavioral, or mental health disorders. We work with people who struggle with a variety of presenting problems such as: depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, body image issues, ADHD and other learning issues, academic struggles and low self-esteem. The emphasis with these young clients is to assist them in maintaining success in academic, vocational, social and career goals and plans.

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Our clients will be learning to take responsibility for the actions and choices they make. Personal responsibility leads to a more independent individual.


Respect is an extremely important value to practice. Self-respect is the foundation for positive change.

Family Relationships

Journey Home Young Adult understands the importance of family. Although our clients are becoming more independent young women, we do offer family therapy to nourish those relationships.


We help our clients incorporate their values into everyday decisions. Our clients learn the importance of referring to values that they classify as meaningful while making choices.

Physical and Emotional Health

We emphasize the importance of health, both physical and emotional. Our health/fitness coach will teach our clients nutrition skills and help them develop new eating habits.

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