Transitional Living Programs For Young Adults

What are transitional living programs for young adults? 

Transitional living programs for young adults are designed for young men and people that need support when making the shift from adolescence into adulthood. These specialized programs help young adults achieve lasting success through comprehensive programming combined with shared, apartment style, or dormitory style living.  

There are many different types of transitional living programs for young adults. Transitional living programs can be single gender (all-people or all-men) or co-ed and also serve a variety of ages. Many are specialized to meet the specific needs of a particular population, for example, teens or young men that need help shifting from treatment into adulthood. 

transitional living programs for young adults

The goal of a transitional living program is for each client to successfully launch into adulthood. This process will look a little different for each young adult, though transitional living programs have identified certain markers or areas of growth that will be helpful in achieving this goal. The curriculum is structured around these goals and the needs of the young adults in the program. 

Transitional living programs also offer support services to young adults as they develop the skills they need to gain independence. Some of the skills that young adults learn may include skill building that covers:

  • Time management
  • Budgeted
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Financial literacy
  • Employment skills
  • Household management
  • Living with others
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills 
  • Self-care practices (for example, making doctors appointments)

With hands-on guidance, young adults learn these crucial skills in an everyday and real-world setting. Transitional programs provide this type of support with increasing amounts of freedom, responsibility, and independence.  

True to their name, transitional living programs serve as the transition into young adulthood. Because of this, attendance in the program is not the only thing that young adults are focused on during this time. Young adults are typically enrolled in college classes, furthering their career, or a blend of both.  Transitional living programs offer skill development while young adults are gaining experience living a successful and independent life!  

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Why choose transitional living programs for young adults after residential treatment or wilderness therapy? 

Young adults that have successfully completed a wilderness therapy or residential treatment program are likely excited about all of the progress they have made! An ideal next step is a transitional living program where they can practice and integrate the skills they have learned in a previous treatment setting while in an independent living situation.

Wilderness therapy and residential treatment are both highly structured environments when compared to having a young adult living on their own. This is why transitional living programs are so helpful to have as a step-down or in between space for this stage of life. Young adults get used to a lower level of structure in asupportive way while developing new skills to support them in young adulthood.

Over the course of treatment, a young adult and their family have likely invested quite a bit of time and energy into their growth and development.  Transitional living programs act as a way to ensure that this progress continues by offering an environment that recognizes their growth thus far and wants to help safeguard this success by continuing to help young adults take steps toward independence. 

In a transitional living program, there is usually some form of family therapy or structured parent/family work that occurs. This is because it’s important for family relationships to be nourished during this transitional growth period: parents need to understand and recognize the shifting role of their young adult child, which is why transitional living programs carve out a space for this in their curriculum. 

Transitional living programs help young adults solidify the skills they learned in treatment and demonstrate their ability to generalize these skills into real-world settings. With a supportive peer group that appreciates this past experience, young adults feel accepted for who they are. Because their peers are similarly goal-oriented, they can help one another stay committed to positive changes. 

Due to the range of issues that a young person has initially entered treatment for, it is very advisable to utilize a transitional living program (after primary treatment) as part of the continuum of care. To draw a medical comparison: transitional living programs act as the equivalent of essential physical therapy after major surgery. Transitional living programs help young adults finding success by getting back into everyday life with a certain level of support!

What makes Journey Home Young Adult unique? 

As a leading transitional living program, Journey Home Young Adult is designed specifically to meet the needs of teens that have successfully completed another therapeutic program. Serving teens ages 18-23, Journey Home Young Adult has developed an innovative and effective young women’s program to meet the unique needs of this age group. The top things that make Journey Home Young Adult a unique transitional living program are:

Our location – Salt Lake City, Utah – offers an ideal setting for our transitional living program for young women. Salt Lake City is safe, easy to navigate, and has they welcoming and friendly vibe! This vibrant city offers a wide variety of educational opportunities: both undergraduate and graduate courses of study at multiple universities. With a large young professional scene, Salt Lake City also gives young adults the chance to broaden their social circles in fun and enriching ways. Then there’s the great outdoors: this beautiful setting has a diverse array of activities in and around the city. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts will love the winter months while hiking, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting are just a few of the options during the other seasons. 

Journey Home Young Adult also boasts a history of effective treatment programming for young women. With decades of experience working with young women, we understand the unique needs of this population and what it takes to help them heal and grow. One of the most important pieces is utilizing relationship-based programming. This extends to Journey Home Young Adult: we foster healthy and authentic relationships with each and every one of our young women. This genuine connection is what allows us to navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes together.

Journey Home Young Adult offers a small and intimate transitional living program that allows us to meet the exact needs of our clients. Due to our size – 11 teens – we personalize and tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of teens in a just-in-time fashion: if a client needs support around applying for jobs, the curriculum that week and month will focus on resume creation, networking, and interviewing skills. 

Our relationship-based programming offers teens that are leaving treatment the chance to launch into young adulthood with confidence, community, and support. At Journey Home Young Adult, we help teens create the life of their dreams! 

Growth Opportunities for Young Women At Journey Home Young Adult 

As a transitional living program for young women, Journey Home Young Adult understands how important it is for teens to be able to pursue opportunities for growth and development that are important to them and align with their overarching treatment goals. Some of the common areas that teens hope to develop are:

  • Academic Pursuits: The majority of the teens at Journey Home Young Adult want to pursue or continue their education, which is why we have an emphasis on college integration. Students have the opportunity to attend classes (undergraduate or graduate) at several colleges and universities in the area, many of which are easily accessible from the Journey Home Young Adult house! 
  • Social Well-Being: Just as we strive for emotional and physical well-being, teens want to achieve this in their social life as well. This includes having healthy and fulfilling relationships along with enriching and enjoyable activities. Journey Home Young Adult helps our students do this through our team that is well-connected within the local community, structured yet flexible schedule, and individualized mentoring and coaching. 
  • Balance and Independence: This is one of the biggest areas for growth at journey home young adult, both by design and named by our students. Young people come to our transitional living program hoping to gain the practical skills they need to lead a well-balanced, fulfilling, and self-sufficient life.  While all the goals of our students are unique to them, this one in particular looks different for every student. This is where our small size truly shines: every treatment plan is individualized to each young woman, ensuring that we help their chart their own course to a happy and successful future. 

At Journey Home Young Adult, we help teens explore and achieve their goals and aspirations, setting them up for a bright and successful future! 


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