Independent Living Programs For Young Adults

What Are Independent Living Programs For Young Adults?

Independent living programs for young adults are designed to help young adults develop the skills they need to lead happy, successful, and independent lives as they shift into adulthood. In these structured yet flexible settings, young adults are able to launch into their next phase of life in a supported way. Independent living for young adults has a different meaning for each individual. For some, independent living for young adults means feeling confident enough to pursue a dream career and own an apartment, for others it means being able to live away from their parents. When looking for independent living programs near you, it is important to factor in the benefits of having some distance from your home environment. Often, space away from home can allow for healing and growth to take place.

Independent living programs for young adults provide housing, on-site mentorship, and life skills programming to help young adults develop lasting and healthy habits. By giving young adults the opportunity to practice living on their own in a structured way, they can become fully prepared to lead an independent and fulfilling life.  Some of the independent living skills young adults learn may include:

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Time management 
  • Budgeting
  • Health and hygiene
  • Financial literacy/management
  • Public transportation
  • Self-care

The goal of an independent living program is to enable young adults to lead successful and well-balanced lives upon completion. Young adults at independent living programs work with vetted and trusted professionals to develop these skills. They help clients understand what healthy relationships look like, through their authentic and compassionate support. 

independent living programs for young adults
independent living programs for young adults

Each independent living program serves different ages and types of clients. Most include individuals in their late-teens and early-twenties under the umbrella of being a young adult. Single-gender programs are very common, and co-ed options are also available. Independent living programs for young adults are typically located in or around cities that have plenty of educational opportunities for young adults that would like to pursue higher education. 

Independent living programs for young adults also provide a variety of services depending on the specific needs of the clientele. Some of these may include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Academic support
  • Career counseling 
  • Group recreational activities

Depending on the needs of your young adult, it’s helpful to find an independent living program that serves their unique needs well.

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Why choose an independent living program for young adults after residential treatment or wilderness therapy? 

For young adults that have successfully completed a wilderness therapy or residential treatment program, independent living programs for young adults are the next ideal step to continue their progress into a thriving young adulthood period. The results of these primary therapeutic programs are profound: improved self-esteem, confidence, and coping skills. Independent living programs for young adults help students integrate their growth with real-world living experience while also supporting the transition between treatment and independence. 

Young adults that have attended treatment have made great strides toward a better future. The goal of an independent living program is to make those initial changes into sustainable and lasting ones. By using a strengths-based approach, independent living programs build upon the skills that young adults already have accessible to them to work toward achieving independence in a step-by-step fashion.

An independent living program set young adults up for success with a step-down environment from their previous wilderness or residential stay. This supportive environment recognizes and appreciates the progress made and the transformative effect of these therapeutic programs. Having a common language and a community that understands helps support young adults and their continued trajectory toward independence. 

Because their peers will have also previously attended treatment, the young adults at an independent living program feel welcomed and accepted for who they are. This shines through in the supportive milieu – or positive peer culture – that young adults likely experienced in wilderness or residential treatment as well. Because independent living programs for young adults are smaller in size than the previous treatment program, the supportive peer culture is magnified. This is where young adults are putting in the effort to create sustainable, lasting changes and their peers recognize, understand, and are supportive of this.  

Along with the goals of successfully launching into young adulthood after treatment, independent living programs for young adults help re-establish healthy family relationships. Treatment thus far has likely helped heal old ones, yet understanding how these family relationships will evolve after treatment is something many young adults and parents are curious about. Independent living programs allow young adults to demonstrate their growth and independence in a real-life setting. 

An independent living program ensures that the progress made in treatment continues, with a combination of independence and support from qualified professionals that understand how to help young adults achieve lasting growth and change. 

What makes Journey Home Young Adult unique? 

Journey Home Young Adult is an independent living program for teens ages 18-23 located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Journey Home Young Adult helps teens that have struggled with emotional, mood, and behavioral issues in the past and have made significant strides through successful completion of a therapeutic program. Some examples of these therapeutic programs include residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, or wilderness therapy programs. Young people that are hoping to continue this progress at Journey Home Young Adult can experience:

Our independent living program for young adults is located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.  This vibrant and safe city is the ideal location for Journey Home Young Adult. With multiple colleges and universities close by, teens can pursue undergraduate or graduate studies while enrolled at Journey Home Young Adult. Surrounded by picturesque mountains, Salt Lake City offers four seasons of outdoor fun and activities – and our recreation programming embraces this! From whitewater rafting and camping to skiing and snowboarding, everyone is sure to find something they love to do in Salt Lake City. 

At Journey Home Young Adult, we focus on college integration, healthy relationships, and becoming engaged members of the community. Finding balance or fine-tuning how all the parts of our students’ lives come together is something that many students hope to achieve at our independent living program for young adults. We do this through an intentional yet flexible schedule that takes into consideration all aspects and parts of our clients’ lives. 

With our small size – just eleven teens – Journey Home Young Adult is able to offer an unparalleled and individualized experience at our independent living program for young women. Within our flexible framework, we tailor the schedule and goals to meet the specific needs of each client. This offers a supportive scaffolding that can shift to meet the changing needs of clients throughout their time at Journey Home Young Adult, all guided by our dedicated and passionate staff.

These important pieces – our location and individualized approach to balanced living – coupled with our relational approach to principled-based living creates a compassionate, warm, and inviting place for teens to grow into their next phase of life with confidence and purpose. This empowers teens to have increased freedoms and responsibilities in a safe environment that still allows for independence. True to our name, our independent living program assists teens along their “journey home”.

Growth Opportunities for Young Women At Journey Home Young Adult 

As one of the leading independent living programs for young adults, Journey Home Young Adult has countless opportunities for growth and development for the teens at our program. The welcoming, warm, and inviting community gives teens the space and support to focus on their individual goals, hopes, and dreams for the future. 

The goals of our teens are as diverse as they are! Here are some common growth opportunities that our clients identify at Journey Home Young Adult:

Young people at our independent living program typically have several personal goals upon arrival. These look different for each student – some want to work on continuing to develop healthy coping skills, while others need to strengthen personal boundaries. Developing a healthy and caring social circle is another personal goal for many students, while others want to continue to work on their family relationships.

Advancing their educational and professional lives are important to the teens at Journey Home Young Adult. With several colleges and universities as well as ample professional opportunities nearby, Journey Home Young Adult makes it easy to gain academic credit and professional experience while at our independent living program for young adults. 

Developing individualized nutrition and fitness goals along with a healthy lifestyle are important to many of the teens at Journey Home Young Adult. That’s why we incorporate time for group and individual exercise as well as group recreation activities.

The teens that come to our independent living program are smart, capable, and passionate people that have found success in multiple areas of their lives, but need a bit of help putting it all together. This also includes new leisure activities and volunteer opportunities. We focus on help on making healthy decisions that will help them lead well-balanced and fulfilling lives. 

Journey Home Young Adult helps teens successfully launch into their futures, with a perfect blend of community, support, and independence. 


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