choosing a career

Choosing a Career: Where to Start

Starting at a young age, children are asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It may sound like a simple question, but one that many adults struggle with. When the world is your oyster, how do you narrow down what your career path should be?

Choosing Your Career

When you begin the task of trying to decide what career path you’d like to take, the first step is assessing where you are right now. What are your interests? What are your skills? Take a moment and think about where you have had successes in the past and where you have had struggles. Understanding this will give you a foundation that you can build on. Once you have assessed your interests and skills, you can begin to research job opportunities that may require skills. For example, if you are highly organized and you enjoy being around animals, maybe a job working at the front desk at a veterinary clinic would benefit from your skills. Not quite sure what your interests are? You can also take a career personality test that can help you identify your personal strengths. 

Next, take some time to set achievable goals for yourself. To make your career choice a reality, create a list of all the steps you can take to achieve your goals. Maybe there are trainings you will need to complete to be qualified for the job. Or maybe you’d like to speak with people who have your dream job. Whatever those goals may be, set do-by dates and create a checklist for your accomplishments.

Tips for Job Hunting

There may be many different paths that can lead you to your dream job. You can attend college, start a job at a junior level and work your way up, or get an apprenticeship. Finding a job is about finding the right path for you. Your skills and interests can be a match for many different types of careers, maybe even some that you haven’t considered. By finding a range of careers that excite you, you create more options for a fulfilling career. 

Wading through internet hiring sites can feel overwhelming. When the options are endless, it can be difficult to narrow things down. To help you focus, try looking directly at companies or businesses that you are interested in working for. Even if there are no current job openings, they may be able to point you in another direction or place you on a future consideration list. If you have other connections in the industry of your choosing, reach out to those contacts and ask them to keep an eye out for employment opportunities.

One of the hardest parts of job hunting is the waiting. Remember that you probably are not going to find your dream job overnight. Job hunting is psychologically challenging. You will face obstacles, setbacks, and rejections and it will take patience to achieve your goals. As you job hunt, continue to work through your goal checklist and move towards the career of your dreams.

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