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Learning Job Skills Helps Young Adults Become More Independent

Unemployment is one of the biggest reasons many young adults struggle with failure to launch. Sometimes, individuals need a little extra push or help finding their own path. Once they enter young adulthood, they learn that they have more control over their choices, which can feel overwhelming if they feel disconnected from their goals and values. Independent living programs, like Journey Home Young Adult, help young adults learn and practice life skills in a variety of areas.  Learning job skills helps young adults become more independent and responsible. 

Why do some young adults struggle with independence?

One reason could be untreated learning/attention problems or other mental health issues. Untreated issues can lead an individual to be less independent and have low self-esteem. The thought of going to college can be daunting because they’re leaving home–their safe place. So, if they don’t have a bit of confidence in themselves and their abilities to do it, it can feel impossible.

Another (which is quite popular) is linked to the high stakes game college admissions has become. For some parents, they’re so afraid of their child not getting into a good college that they coddle their teen throughout school and refuse to allow them to fail–but the issue with that is that failure is essential for growth.

Teens need to make mistakes and understand the consequences of their actions. Without those important lessons they’re unable to become truly independent. Just because your child hasn’t jumped headfirst into adulthood doesn’t mean they’re incapable. Some individuals just need a bit of extra support that will show them their own abilities and potential for success.

Vocational Support at Journey Home Young Adult


  • Exploring interests. We encourage young women to be open to new experiences and to pursue healthy hobbies, like reading, exercising, or making art. We conduct recreation assessments with each student to help them decide what activities may be aligned with their values.
  • Outlining personal goals. These assessments help young adults who struggle with finding a sense of direction consider what they want to work towards. We empower young adults to create their own schedules, integrating education, work, and recreation.
  • Looking for jobs. The Salt Lake City area is a bustling area for young people with a wide variety of opportunities. Staff help connect students to resources in the community based on their interests and skills. 
  • Writing resumes. Many young adults have trouble deciding what might be relevant on a resume if they have had limited work experience. Mentors work closely with girls to brainstorm relevant experiences related to extracurriculars or volunteer positions that are aligned with job descriptions they are interested in.
  • Interview etiquette. Mentors roleplay mock interviews with students to help them prepare for potential questions and how to advocate for themselves.
  • Resolving conflict. The community offers emotional support for young adults who have experienced interpersonal conflict at work. Young adults learn and practice effective communication strategies in individual and group therapy.
  • Budgeting. Independent living programs emphasize helping girls develop personal responsibility by managing their finances, often for the first time. They learn how to balance a checkbook, budget for different activities, and save for things that are important to them. 

Journey Home Young Adult Can Help 

Journey Home Young Adult is a transitional living program for young women ages 18-23 struggling with emotional, behavioral, and mental health disorders that have affected their academic and career goals. Journey Home creates an environment conducive to healing where young women can learn healthy coping skills while becoming more well-equipped to launch into adulthood. Students are encouraged to take college classes and receive additional academic support from mentors to help them stay on track and manage their stress.

To learn more about how we teach young adults independent living skills, contact us at 801-444-0794.


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